AU the prince and the huntsman | Hiddlesworth

Year 896 of the Second Era. Prince Tom and Chris the huntsman have been friends since they were two little boys; they were inseparable. They still are, but something changed. Chris got married and since then Tom has being thinking about how he feels when he is with him, how friendship is not the right word to describe it anymore. But he’s not the only one who noticed it. And it’s certainly a very strange coincidence that the day his father, the King, announces his engagement with a foreign princess is exactly the same in which the sorcerer takes Chris’s wife in the Forest forcing him to attempt a desperate rescue.

“Enough with this stupid fight! I’m going, whether you like it or not!” The huntsman shouts, with a last strong bow at the prince’s shield which almost cleaves it.

The prince loses his balance and manages to stay on his feet taking a step behind. He’s panting heavily and his arms are tingling with exhaustion. He won’t last much longer against the huntsman’s brute force. But he has to, he can’t afford the luxury of giving up yet. He has to stop him from his suicide mission.

“It’s dangerous, you know the Forest! You can’t go.” He retorts with a lump in his throat. He makes an effort not to show how tired he is, his sword raised and ready to strike.

“You know I have too. He’s got my wife, for God’s sake! Why can’t you of all people understand, Tom?”

The prince has to stifle a bitter smile. Of course he is referring to the fact that the sorcerer took his mother too when he was young. He lost a loved one, he knows what it means. But the ironic aspect of that words, what they implies to him and him only, hits him like a poisonous arrow. And once again, he swallows his secret.

“It’s a trap, Chris. She’s already dead. How can you not see it?” He’s angry now, and frustrated. 

“I have to try. I can’t give up.” The huntsman’s eyes meets his, silently urging him to stand back.

“I won’t-” the prince’s words are covered by a high-pitched shriek. They both turn their head towards the little dragon who’s flying away, scared. But what alarms them is not the dragon, but what could possibly have frightened it.

Before they can even realize it, the troll appears from the woods, a huge mass of blind rage, anger, and stone-like scales and horns. The creature tosses the huntsman away like a ragdoll, roaring all his fury.

Idiot. Idiot. Idiot. Is all the prince can think of as he sees his friend motionless on the ground. That’s the moment when he has to take his last chance of survival and run as fast as he can, he realizes. He can still come out of it alive.

But that would mean living Chris to certain death.

“idiot!” He murmurs both to the huntsman for his recklessness and himself because he fell in love with him and he can’t think of a life without him. Inhaling sharply, he tightens his grip on the sword as he moves towards the troll.

If we have to die, we die together. He promises.

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