This is possibly the best photo of a rainbow ever

The natural wonder was captured by photographer Justin Lee, who was overjoyed to find himself in exactly the right place at the right time. Mr Lee, from British Columbia, Canada, was standing close to a cliff at the Tunnel View lookout when he spotted the colourful scene.

He said: ‘The sun has to be in position to get the rainbow, and this photo was not planned by me beforehand. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. ‘I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to see such a sight, and just had to start taking pictures straight away.’



I’m not a sucker for love stories.

When I say I ship something, I don’t care about the happily ever after. I don’t care about romantic comedies or princess movies with a seamless love arc and a fairytale ending. That isn’t what I’m in it for.

I’m not a sucker for love stories. I’m a sucker for character stories.

I want to read a story in which the characters don’t fit perfectly. Where they complement each other when they’re happy but tear themselves apart in desperate situations. Where their relationship is healthy but not always, equal but not always, happy but not always.

I want to see characters suffer because that’s how I know they’re real.

I don’t ship to be happy. I ship to feel real. I ship because I love relationship dynamics, not relationships themselves. That’s why I don’t just have otps. I have brotps and dream teams and favorite family dynamics and favorite characters alone.

I ship because I like to see how a given character will respond to another given character in any given situation. I like to see how they mesh together, how their personalities match and mismatch, how they push and pull at each other and then come together or fall apart.

I don’t ship for the what of the situation. I ship for the how and the why. Don’t give me characters waywardly thrown together for the perfect puzzle-piece ending. Give me the two people who would seemingly never fit. Make it work. I don’t want fireworks or fairytales. I want realism. Passion and lack thereof. Heat and coldness and love and hate.

Don’t give me love. Give me character. Don’t just tell me. Convince me.

Domestic Avengers; in which Clint really fucks up and sends Steve as the go between.

“… And there is more eloquence in a sugar touch of them than in the tongues of the French council.”



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Long ago, my city’s luminous heart beat with the song of four thousand cats.  (x)



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Grand Central Station, NYC, 1941. The light does not stream in like this anymore because the buildings around the station are too tall.

40-41/100 - Thomas William Hiddleston

❝ It was the end of the day that we shot the scene in the middle of Thor between Odin and Loki in the vault when he finds out the truth of his origins. At the end of that day Ken Branagh came up to me and said, ‘You were brilliant today and I’m very proud of you’ and then on the way past, Tony Hopkins tapped Ken on the shoulder and said, ‘He’s alright, isn’t he, this kid, he’s alright’. ❞
—   Tom Hiddleston on the proudest moment of his career. (via fyeahhiddles)   —