“Tom is in his final year of study for his Classics degree at Cambridge University. In his spare time, Tom somehow manages to fit in a theatrical career. Scrawled upon Tom’s (ubiquitous) LSW Prison Project form, one filled out during a Cambridge University session within the depths of St. John’s College, Tom noted that he ‘desperately wants to be a professional actor” [X]

Tom Hiddleston for Flaunt Magazine by Jason Hetherington

a shit load of photos of this bastard


I get so happy when I see little things like this. The little smile he does in the second one is magical. It’s like he’s thinking to himself. “I made it. I’m actually a movie star.” and I want to say “Yes Tom, you are. All that hard work and dedication you put into everything you do? It’s been noticed and people love you for it. You made it, you actually have stardom in your hands now. All that wishing and hoping to be an actor and be recognised for it has finally paid off because you never gave up. You did it, you did it all yourself. So well done Tom and enjoy the ride because you deserve every single bit of it.”

“In the screenplay, you described Captain Nicholls as a modest, decent, upper-class English officer. The decency was something that really appealed. It was so nice to play somebody who was good.”


  Happy birthday old bean 

Tom Hiddleston takes a photo with a fan.

Luke talks to Tom and he answers : “Attends.” in French — (“Wait” in English.)


I love the close-up shot






I just fucking gasped. Gasped.