Since some people seemed to like my previous comic about Jack and Jamie I thought I should draw you another little comic! (My sketchbook is turning into a ROTG anthology…)
I bet Jack would’ve liked to become an adult, too at some point.  But children’s smiles make him feel better… And red noses from the cold are just cute.

Fox kits annoying their mother.


Snow Lessons - Compilation

[[A scene I want to write, and is currently being RP’d by the amazing aquarteratooth and jacksonoverland! I’m so happy, they write it so perfectly!!]]

Jack asks Tooth if she would like to learn how to snowboard. One slip up and Tooth’s grabbing onto anything she can and taking it down with her. In this case, Jack. Not that he minds in the least.


 8/101 photos of Chris Hemsworth.



cute ♥

screams and cries because baby burrito hemsworth


omg dying of cuteness

Perfection this is Perfection!