something’s changing … rearranging me


I had this idea in mind since I watched this and this . So I grabbed the tablet pen again. Not a comic!, just an idea :)

In this AU Werewolves are considered wild and dangerous. Everytime one is born within the members of the tribe (and once his true form is revealed) he is banished. Alone and helpless, the more time he spends as a wolf, the more he loses his humanity. He forgets everything… and everyone.

He in his madness prays for storms, and dreams that storms will bring him peace.
― Leo Tolstoy


This is how you know they’re actually brothers.


Commission for aseuraii of a Loki to go along with a past Thor print from a couple years back. Both from Ultimates-verse.

Commission info here.

I didn’t do it for him


even if you break me a thousand times, i will come back to you


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Possessed!Loki AU - Thor’s Worst Nightmare

Thor sees his brother step into a dark place, far away from him, where he fears he cannot follow. The Aether seduces Loki into a trance-like state; his lips chant something incoherent, over and over.

"Loki!" Thor calls out, but Loki cannot hear him. And he’s afraid - afraid he can’t save him from the pull of that dark abyss. 

Not this time.

I will kill you


After all these kid!Thor pics I felt like doing one with kid!Loki. Imagine Loki getting killed in Thor: The Dark World and being reborn as a child. ♥ Thor would try to love him even more and do anything to keep him satisfied just to avoid Loki becoming the same asshole again. :’D

He is of Asgard

and he is my brother

Thor + controling the weather

Here amid icebergs,
Rule I the nations;
This is my hammer,
Mjölner the mighty;
Giants and sorcerers,
Cannot withstand it! [x]


Thor + Hands