"I love playing all kinds of roles. I hope it doesn’t sound too pretentious, but I always feel human nature is like a piano, and there are 88 keys, and there are some white keys and some black keys, and each character is a different chord on the piano. Basically, I hope that in the course of my life, I will have played all 88 keys. So, I’ll have played heroes and villains and princes and kings and warriors and beggars and thieves and lovers and fathers and wizards and all of those things. That is why I’m an actor… I love studying people."


It’s a dangerous topic. I teeter on seeming ungrateful when I talk about this, but I’m kind of going through a meltdown about it lately. All of a sudden the entire world feels entitled to know everything about me, including what I’m doing on my weekends when I’m spending time with my nephew. And I don’t have the right to say, ‘I’m with my family.’  - Jennifer Lawrence

Interviewer: “And your fans, they’re very fanatic -“
Tom : “- passionate.”

Tom Hiddleston being adorable at BAFTAs 2013


Gotta love this guy. (x)


Daniel Radcliffe gives us a guide on how to be a successful actor

Tom Hiddleston + his UNICEF project

Je suis arrivé! I am in GUINEA in West Africa with @UNICEF_uk to see their work for children in action. #Tom_UnicefUK

Tom’s red plaid shirt appreciation post


Fan : Can you say “Hello Anna” ?

Tom : [whispering in a deep voice] Hello Anna. That’s all I can say…

Fan : [laughs] Why ?

Tom : [deep voice again] “Why ?”[laughs]… The Goddess of Mischief… [laughs]

(x) and I guess : (x)

Interview » Times Talks Madrid: Tom Hiddleston asked about ‘Thor 2’

(Maybe it’s just me, but I felt like his inner fanboy was dying to talk about it, *lol*.)